1. Fill out an interest form

After you’ve looked through the overview presentation describing the project, and you are interested in EXCITE, you can fill out an interest form!

Click here to fill out an interest form. 

2. Watch the Teacher Workshop Videos

Watch a series of recorded Teacher Workshop videos to help prepare you as a teacher to facilitate EXCITE. Find them HERE!

3. Meet with us

 After you sign up, we’ll contact you from [email protected] about meeting with us (in-person or virtual). We’d like to meet with you to talk about the project and answer any of your questions.

4. Decide how and when you want to incorporate the program into your classroom

Decide for your class(es) what schedule of EXCITE you’d like for them to do out of the 3 options, how/if you want to grade your students on the project, and make any other decisions noted in the teacher workshop. This project is designed to be flexible, so we want you to mold it to best fit your classroom!

Click here to view schedule options.

The only strict requirements are that each of your teams design a CubeSat, 3D print their selected CubeSat, and submit at least one Final Deliverable. Everything else can be changed as you see fit.

5. Two weeks before you start the program, send [email protected] an email!
Two weeks before you start EXCITE, send [email protected] an email telling us you’re about to start the project so that we can send you your free 3D printing equipment. If/When you do send this email, you’ll be making the following agreement:

  1. I agree that my students will definitely start the project, and we intend to finish it, barring unforeseen circumstances (also knowing that I can change a lot about the project to make it easier/shorter, and if I’m struggling to implement the program, the EXCITE team would be more than happy to help me find a good path forward).
  2. Regardless, I (or my students) will submit the pictures and final documents my students have created to the website to help EXCITE stay funded. If I don’t submit pictures/documents, I understand that the EXCITE online resources will still be available to me, but I may be unable to receive equipment in the future.”
6. Start the program whenever you'd like

Use the Schedule with Notes document to help guide what your teams do for each lesson. This document will be one of your major resources. It lists what videos and assignments each of your groups has for each lesson. It also lists what the groups should be able to show you proving they completed the assignments. Videos can be found under the Students tab.

7. Hold regular check-ins with your teams as noted in the schedule
Each schedule of EXCITE has Team Progress Reports (TPRs) scheduled every few lessons. During these check-ins, each team should meet with their teacher and show proof that they have completed their assignments thus far.
8. At the end of the program, each team should submit a copy of their Final Deliverable

Each team should submit a copy of their Final Deliverable. The linked form has instructions on what exactly to submit. Each Final Deliverable’s execution video lists required content that must be included in the deliverable.

Here is the list of acceptable Final Deliverables:

  • Formal Presentation
  • Poster Session
  • Online Outreach (if it covers all the criterion)
  • Video Report

Final Deliverable Submissions

9. Submit any pictures you have from the project

All pictures of the balloon launch, students having fun, students working on the project, etc. are appreciated. We need these pictures to show to MDA, who funds EXCITE. These pictures help us stay funded so that we can send you free equipment, continue improving the project, and provide help when you need it. Please submit any extra pictures you have HERE.

10. Provide final numbers and feedback about the project for us

You have to submit a few numbers that we need for our reporting. At the front of this form is also a feedback survey. We need your feedback in order to know what issues to fix. You as a teacher have the closest look at what the project looks like in a classroom, so we really value your suggestions/criticism. CLICK HERE to submit the Final Numbers and Feedback form. 

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