Cubesat 101

List of CubeSats

NASA to Launch ‘Swarms’ of Small, Earth-Observing Satellites

Crazy Engineering: CubeSats (∼3 min)

Cubesats | Mini cube satellites (∼15 min) 

NASA EDGE: CubeSat Workshop (∼24 min)

Space Hitchhikers: The ESPA Ring

3D Printing/Manufacturing

FlashForge Finder 3D Printer FULL REVIEW (∼20 min)

Flashprint Basics (∼12 min)

Revised: 3D Printing – 13 Things I Wish I Knew When I Got Started (∼31 min)

Print Quality Troubleshooting Guide

Top 10 Calibration Prints for Your 3D Printer (∼17 min)

How to clean glue from a 3D printer bed (∼2 min)

Basics: Cleaning out a clogged nozzle! (∼7 min)

5 ways to ruin your filament (and how to fix it)! (∼10 min) – I don’t recommend putting your filament in the oven

How to design snap-fit joints for 3D printing

3D Printed Joinery: Simplifying Assembly

South Atlantic Anomaly

NASA Explores Earth’s Magnetic “Dent”

Why space over South America is deadly for Satellites

Radiation hot spot over South America with no satellites

General Astronomy

Telescope Guide: Your One-Stop Resource for Getting Started with Telescopes & Astronomy



We have created a few tutorial videos about Solid Edge. Please follow the link for the videos (under the folder “CAD Tutorials”) under the videos google drive:


Also, if you would like additional (and more thorough) training sessions, Siemens offers tutorials every Thursday afternoon from  3:30 – 5:30 pm at 675 Discovery Drive, Huntsville, AL.  Please ask us for more details about this if you are interested.


All the photos from every project in the ENGINEER Program, including ExCITE, are placed in galleries at the ENGINEER photos website:




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Below is a link to the Google Drive which contains all the ExCITE videos and supporting files for the semester. Please click the link, and refer to the correct week for your video(s). You only need to watch the videos that pertain to your group.

NOTE: Please download the videos, then watch them. Do not try to watch the videos online (in your browser), it won’t work properly. All supporting documentation (PowerPoint files, etc.) will be in the folder with the videos.




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